Smart Lighting For Your Home Security

August 28th, 2019

Smart home technology has been creeping into homes all in and around the Peoria, IL area in recent years. Simply put, smart home technology helps to enhance the convenience and energy efficiency, but it also enhances your security as well. Many don’t think about how their smart home systems enhance their home security, but even simple installations like smart lighting can do a great deal in making your home a safer place. 

Smart lighting allows you to control your lighting from anywhere. You can have the lights turned on before you get home in the evening, or you can turn them off before you turn in for bed, and it’s all done by the simple touch of an app. With smart lighting, you can keep your home bright and see whether you’re on the property or not. 

4 Ways Smart Lights Enhance Your Home Security 

If you’re looking to invest in smart lighting for your Peoria, IL home or business, knowing the specifics on how this type of lighting enhances your security is worthwhile. 4 ways that smart lights enhance your home security are: 

  1. Eliminating dark areas – Many homes have dark areas around the property in Peoria, IL, and too few homeowners realize it. These dark areas present places for would-be criminals and burglars to hide, allowing them to go undetected in their journey from the boundary of your property right to your doors or windows. Smart lighting can eliminate these dark spots, and gives you control over when and where your lights shine.
  2. Spot intruders straight away – Intruders coming onto your property want to get to your home undetected. Your smart lighting shines the light right on them, and allows you to turn this light on in seconds. The instant you hear something rustling in the yard of your Peoria home, the touch of a button can turn on your outdoor lights and catch trespassers in the act.
  3. Do away with tripping hazards – Slip and fall accidents are a major leading cause of traumatic brain injury or other serious injuries, landing millions in the emergency room each year in the United States. These accidents aren’t reserved for outside hazards, and many are caused by hazards found right in your own home. Rather than stumbling through the dark, your smart lighting will shed light on any hazards in the hallway before they wind up under your feet.
  4. Deter burglary – While you’re away from home, burglars will look at your absence as an opportunity. With smart lighting, you can control your lights from anywhere, so you can always make it look as though the home is occupied. This deters would-be criminals from breaking into your home and sends them in search of somewhere more “vacant”.

Smart Lighting For A Safe Home 

Smart lighting is just one step homeowners in the area can take on their way to a smarter and safer home. For more on securing your space with smart lighting systems, contact us at Infinite Systems today.