Protect Your Bank From Criminal Activities

November 14th, 2019

Historical records show that the earliest account on banking systems, which are similar to the ones we use nowadays, was in ancient Mesopotamia. Early civilizations in Babylonia and other cities have employed lending practices.


In the U.S., Congress approved the foundation of a national bank in 1791 to take care of the country’s war debt and help the government financially. Alexander Hamilton, who is the architect of the national banking system, included the commercial bank function.


Throughout the years, money has become an integral part of human life. It has become essential in an individual’s survival in the modern world. That is why banks have also become institutions with great importance. People trust these financial institutions with their hard-earned money. Thus, owners should do their best to ensure the safety of banks.


Types Of Bank Thefts

Two kinds of theft can happen to financial institutions. These are external and internal theft. Your bank should be well-equipped to deter any criminal activity.


  • External Theft

Bank robberies happen when someone or a group of people steal money from a bank. These criminals usually use force, violence, or threat to get what they want. The latest data from the FBI’s Bank Crime Statistic Report show that there were 3,033 bank robberies in the country in 2018. Of these, 108 cases happened in IL.


  • Internal Theft

Not all crimes that happen in banks are because of strangers. One problem that businesses face is employee theft, which may include theft of money, security breach, and fraud. Customers also trust banks with their personal and private information. Thus, internal risks on security can affect your bank.


Upgrade Your Security Measures

Most owners ensure the safety of banks through the use of security various security measures. Technology has gone a long way and has taken bank security to another level. Your Peoria, IL bank should not be left behind.


Your security system should be able to prevent robberies, detect vandalism and fraud, secure bank processes, manage access authorizations, and have alarm mechanisms for intrusion and fire detection. It should also allow you to monitor activities within your bank. Having these safety precautions can deter people from committing a crime against your bank.


Bank security does not just protect the assets of your company and your clients, but it can also help with your reputation and keep consumers’ trust. From the employment of security guards to the use of high technology systems, your bank should make every employee and client safe and protected.


Finding The Right Partner

If you have a bank based in Peoria, IL, you should employ the services of a trustworthy company that can provide your financial and banking security system needs. Whether you are a national, regional, or a community bank, your local company has the right solution for you. Protect your clients by protecting your bank. Contact Infinite Systems now and find out how we can be the right partner in ensuring the safety of your bank.