4 Ways That Security Systems Improve Your Large Business

July 25th, 2019

If you’re lucky enough to own, operate, or manage/work for a large business, you already know that in addition to the sizable employee benefits you enjoy, there are also much larger responsibilities you must now observe towards your customers/clients, and employees.

One of the key factors that can help you to protect the sizable investments of a large Peoria business is comprehensive security systems. These can not only help prevent many crimes from occurring, but even when you are victimized by crime, security systems provide valuable investigative clues, and may even be submitted as court evidence for prosecution or lawsuits. Here are four ways that security can improve the way your large business operates.

Get Better Access Control

For businesses that have areas not everyone should have access to, such as large medical clinics with narcotic medicines, access control is an efficient solution. Rather than forcing everyone to carry a large ring of keys to unlock doors only they are allowed to enter, access control systems assign keycards, numeric codes, or use biometrics only to allow personnel into authorized areas. The best part is, access control systems also record the time of usage as well as the person—or keycard or code—used, so in the event of internal theft, the suspect list is very small.

Optimize Your Workflow

A security camera system in your office, or another place of work, such as a retail operation, or even a logistics or manufacturing site, can provide valuable data about that operation. By monitoring the movements of human traffic, both employee and/or customer, you can gain valuable insight into how well your operation manages its resources, and whether there are any bottlenecks.

For example, if a security camera in a grocery store shows a regular increase in customers at the counters that have insufficient staff to handle, you can take this as a sign to increase cashiers for that shift of the day. If your receiving depot shows one particular step in cargo handling taking more time and people than any other to resolve, you should analyze and optimize that step in your logistics operations.

Liability Protection

Security camera footage is so trusted that it is admissible evidence in court to back up an argument and everyone knows this. This is why security cameras can sometimes be critical in preventing pointless lawsuits, or fraudulent accusations of premises liability. If someone gets into an argument with staff or claims negligence results in an injury, security footage can quickly confirm or deny this. 

Fight Crime

And finally, security cameras are effective at tackling both external crime, such as shoplifting, and internal theft, like employees skimming cash from the cash register, or helping themselves to products from inventory. Security systems reduce the incidence of crime, and, in the case of mechanisms like RFD tags for retail, catch people in the act.

For large Peoria businesses that want to enjoy the deterrence and operational benefits of a security system, Infinite Systems is here for you. Contact and explain what your business needs are. We can find the security configuration that’s right for you and your work.