Why Should I Have Remote Access For My Home Security System?

June 28th, 2019

According to a report by the FBI, 71.6% of all burglaries carried out in the United States in 2015 were done to residential properties, and Peoria, IL is no exception to this national rule. The first step local homeowners can take in protecting their properties and their families is to install surveillance and alarm systems in their homes that catch criminals or deter them from carrying out their plans altogether. 

What about those who spend a good bit of time away from home? A home left unattended is even more at risk for burglary or vandalism, and this can leave those who travel often for work or pleasure with feelings of unease even if they do what they can to protect their space. This is where the benefits of a remote access system come in. 

The Top Benefits Of Remote Access Surveillance Systems

Remote access surveillance and security systems give you access to your monitoring from wherever you may be. In most cases, all that is required is a smartphone app to check in on your Peoria, IL home, and you can get the peace of mind you need in mere seconds. Some systems may require a laptop to gain access, but your security system remains accessible whether you’re at work right down the road, or halfway across the world on vacation or a big business trip. The benefits of a remote access surveillance system include: 

  • Access your camera feed whenever you’d like – You don’t have to be home to access your feed, and you can search through all times of the day from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial to look for suspicious activity, or for simpler purposes as well. For instance, if you’re away from home and you’re waiting on a valuable package to be delivered, you can check and make sure it has arrived and that no one has taken it from your porch. Alternatively, if you come home to a package missing, you can check the footage to see just what happened to it. Maybe a neighbor brought it inside to give you a hand while you were away for the weekend, or maybe it was taken by porch pirates who you now have on your footage. 

  • Control your alarm – If you have an alarm system, remote access lets you control your alarm while you’re away from your property. You’ll never need to worry about forgetting to set your alarm before you go away again. 

  • Set up notification alerts – Should something occur on your property, your remote access system can send you a notification to view footage and check on the situation. Sometimes it will be something simple, like the dog triggering the alarm system, but it can also catch burglaries while criminals are still on your property. 

Remote Access Is Safety From Anywhere

Remote access allows homeowners of Peoria to enjoy safety and security at home no matter where they may be. If remote access could keep your area home protected, call us at Infinite Systems for more information today.